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Selling your home?

Marketing on all major property portals,

only £149 incl. VAT

Get your property in front of millions more, fast.

Established specialist family run property agents since 1990. Now offering exclusive DIY services for all property owners who want to be more involved with the sale of their property while saving thousands in fees.

Deal directly with buyers

Multi website marketing

Quick listing process


How does it work?

We connect you with thousands of buyers and give you all the tools you need to easily sell your home.


Have direct negotiation with prospective buyers or let us assist you


Complete the sale and handover the keys


Complete paperwork and exchange the contract.


Get an offer and accept if you happy


Check sales valuation by using our online valuation tool


We will pre-vet the queries and you have access to all inquiries from prospective buyers by email, SMS and through our state of the art sales portal


Host your own viewings or instruct with us for accompanied viewings


Prepare your property for sale, if required any maintanance


Make sure you have valid EPC certificate. We will assist you with this


Sign up at our online platform, upload photos of your property and EPC and describe other property information


We will verify your property ownership and other particulars. Home visit is mandatory for property verification


We will list your property on all major portals like Rightomve, Zoopla and Prime Location

90 Days Marketing Program

Where We Advertise!

We'll automatically add your advert to dozens of other powerful property sites

All viewing enquiries received will be forwarded to you so you can meet the buyers.

" The service was great, it was a very speedy experience and I would recommend RentalsandSales.com to anyone selling their home "

Got more questions?

Contact us and ask us directly either by email or phone. We will be more than happy to help.

Help, I need to sell my house fast & don’t know where to start!

Frequently Asked Questions

Got more questions about how advertising on RentalsandSales.com works? Have a look at our most-asked questions on the topic. 

Q-1. What are the hidden costs?

Ans. There are no hidden charges to list your property with us. We charge one-time fee of £149 for our Standard package to market your property online.

Q-2. How much is the No Sale No Fee package?

Ans. Our No Sale No Fee package is from 1%. This amount will be payable upon completion.

Q-3. Are there additional costs to change adverts etc?

Ans. No cost at all! After the payment is taken we will change adverts, prices, pictures or upload new images for free, throughout the process.

Q-4. What verification documents are required?

Ans. Please click here to check the documents required to list your property with us.

Q-5. Can I choose my own pricing?

Ans. Yes, you can choose your own price. If you need any help, we are more than happy to assist you.

Q-6. How do I register?

Ans. Please click here and start your registration. Once you are registered, you will have your own online dashboard to create your listing.


Speak to us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on: 020 8944 6212